WD Schock Company


W.D. Schock Company, Inc. (WDSCO) is the recognized leader in Noise Mitigation, Land Acquisition, and Relocation Assistance services. WDSCO is an Aviation Management and Right-of-Way Consulting firm specializing in turn-key program management for noise, odor, and expansion related programs for Airports, State Transportation Departments, Public Works, Municipalities, Utilities, and Private Businesses. The firm also provides Geographic Information System Services through our GIS division, GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting.

WDSCO personnel have earned an impressive reputation in the field of property acquisition and relocation assistance for projects implemented under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (the Uniform Act), 49 CFR Part 24 and FAA Order 5100.37B, Land Acquisition and Relocation for Airport Projects. Since its inception in 1986, WDSCO has successfully acquired over 10,000 parcels and relocated 12,000 displacees on behalf of our clients.

Our firm has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from public housing acquisitions and relocations to complex multi-year airport expansion projects to smaller partial property acquisitions for road widening and telecommunications projects. Regardless of size and complexity, WDSCO is fully committed with each assignment to provide professional services designed to ensure that our clients accomplish their project goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.